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SELISE Acquisition & Retention Cloud is the first building block of your very own Digital Platform. ARC contains a data lake full of relevant business data from your own but also from third party systems. It is furthermore enhanced with various essential business tools like electronic signature, CRM and email campaigning.

CRM and email marketing
Electronic signature tool
Electronic signature tool

ARC E-Signature

E-signatures simplified, anytime & anywhere.

We know how your business depends on important contracts and agreements. Effortlessly sign, monitor & manage your documents with our legally binding E-Signature tool in ARC.

  • Use a globally adopted e-signature app that provides data protection features.
  • Achieve data lifecycle management by keeping track of the status of signable documents.
  • Reduce operational costs by sharing and signing multiple documents out of one portal.
  • Speed up the process of closing a deal by letting everyone sign up faster remotely.
  • Experience zero maintenance downtime with the coveted Swiss technology incorporated in ARC e-signatures.

Get to know how ARC Data Lake works!

ARC creates a seamless data lake tool experience by using modern technology like machine learning & API integration to offer the very best data management software solution.

data lake

Boost Efficiency & Save Time

  • Manage all your business data such as leads, contacts or contracts in one single place.
  • Consume data instead of wasting time collecting it from different sources.
  • Benefit from prebuilt business apps that run on your data.
  • Connect to reputed third party software providers using pre-existing API adapters.
  • Systematically interact with all your stakeholders without losing track of potentially important information.
business data
SMS and email marketing campaign

Run Campaigns That Convert!

  • Start Email or SMS campaigns straight from the ARC panel and duplicate them in one click for future use.
  • Personalize your campaigns by defining customer segments faster than ever before.
  • Choose from a beautiful selection of email templates and modify them in real-time.

Data Lake Tool functionality made simple

  • Our data synchronization architecture ensures that all data related complexity is reduced to a minimum.
  • Thanks to highly scalable microservices you can store and manage massive amounts of data without slowing down the data management software.
  • The UI of ARC ensures that absolutely anyone can use it without having to write a single line of code.
Data Lake Tool

ARC redefines Data Management Software Solutions

ARC uses state-of-the-art cloud platform technology to deliver some of the best data management software features on a single interface.

Reduced Costs

Ease of Use

GDPR Compliance

High Speed Integration

Top-notch Security

Team Management

There’s more to ARC than just a Data Lake Tool!

ARC Data Lake brings functionality to the table that makes data management the easiest process in your daily operations.

Data Security and Compliance

Security is one of the top priorities in our data management software system. We incorporate strong authentication, data security and last but not least GDPR compliance across your customer data.

eSignature App for your Contracts

Upload documents and sign them from ARC. No paper, no scanning, multiple signees and optional EIDA compliant processing and storing of contracts. ARC as a data lake tool stores all your signed contracts along with their meta information so that you can access them whenever you desire.

Campaigns App to craft unlimited Campaigns

ARC Data Lake does not limit your creativity or your conversion opportunities. It offers you the option to create as many campaigns as you need straight.

Infinite Storage Capacity

As an advanced cloud-native solution ARC data lake tool ensures you have a near-infinite storage capacity when it comes to adding contacts, campaigns or absolutely any other data.

Appstore with Multiple Useful Apps

There is a continuously growing number of apps inside ARC that give you the best of the data management software experience whether you’re using it to add contacts, start campaigns, sign contracts and more!

20+ Customizable Email Templates & Counting

There are over 20 niche-specific email templates inside ARC so that you have a template ready for any occasion. The best part is- you can give it your own spin with a user-friendly design.

Events and Meetings Scheduler

If your team has tonnes of meetings, events and phone calls to organize, you’ll love using ARC calendar app. Invite your guest groups like team members, leads or others straight from the calendar and store events as part of your conversion analytics.

Setup ARC without any Technical Knowledge

You don’t need any technical expertise to start using ARC. You will have ARC ready and good to go in just a few steps!


Sign Up to create your organization


Add Contacts & Users


Tweak Settings


Run ARC Campaigns, plan Events, & Others


View Stats and Analytics


Take business decisions

Want A Customized ARC Data Lake Tool & Data Management Software for Your Business?

ARC Data Lake brings functionality to the table that makes data management
the easiest process in your daily operations.

The ARC Roadmap

The ARC team continuously thrives to give you the best of data lake tool and data management software services. Be a part of our growth as we plan some big features for you in the future. Our plans are not only our brainchild but also a result of extensive surveys, polls & online interactions from existing ARC users.

Get Started with Our Pro Plan For FREE! Perfect for ALL Industries. No Credit Card Required.

You can try our Pro Plan right away and save at least $240 till June 2020!

Pricing Plans

Basic Plus Pro
Pricing* Free $19 per user / month $40 per user / month
Additional users N/A $5 per extra user $5 per extra user
Contacts Basic Advanced Professional
Adding a contact Yes Yes Yes
Number of contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Adding contacts from email No Yes Yes
Bulk import of contacts No Up to 100 contacts Unlimited
Bulk export of contacts No Yes Yes
Contact analytics- dashboard & timeline Yes Yes Yes
Conversation with contact No Yes Yes
Organization Yes Yes Yes
Email Campaigns Basic Advanced Professional
Clone campaign No Yes Yes
Segmentation 3 segments per campaign Unlimited segments Unlimited segments
Number of predefined templates 10+ 20+ 25+
Number of campaigns 5 per month 10 per month 50 per month
Number of reciepients in one campaign 500 1,000 5,000
Multi template campaign No Yes Yes
SMS Campaigns Not available Advanced Professional
Number of campaigns N/A 10 per month 50 per month
Number of reciepients in one campaign N/A Up to 500 Up to 2,000
Multi template campaign N/A Yes Yes
Events Basic Advanced Professional
Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Types of events Yes Yes Yes
Sharing files with event attendees No Yes Yes
Documents Basic Advanced Professional
File manager 500 MB 1 GB 5 GB
eSignature 5 documents per month 20 documents per month 50 documents per month
Admin panel Basic Advanced Professional
Number of users 3 5 15
Custom integration Not available Advanced Professional
Number of apps N/A 2 5

* All plans are applicable from June 1, 2020.

Looking for custom Data Lake Enterprise solutions?

With ARC’s Enterprise package you get every feature from the Pro package with custom hosting and custom features catered to your business requirement.


Most definitely. ARC data lake tool has a campaign app inside it that you can use to send both email & SMS campaigns. Moreover, you can segment your campaign target and see campaign analytics as well.

You can get a refund with no questions asked within 14 days of purchase.

ARC is completely responsive. So no matter where you’re accessing your data from or whoever is viewing your campaigns, they’ll get an amazing view.

Yes,  you can use HTML email templates in ARC Campaign app when sending email campaigns.

Of course. Just contact us (form link) and give us an overview of the kind of custom data lake tool you desire. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours and we can collaborate.

You can duplicate any campaign that you want inside the ARC data lake tool. It can be a draft or a published campaign as well. There’s the option to clone the campaign in a single click and you can reuse them or even customize them further.

If your organization uses data from a lot of sources or hosts multiple campaigns then the ARC data lake tool is perfect for you. Additionally, if you want to improve collaboration or improve interactions within your team members you can use ARC data lake tool as well.

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Get Assistance from our Digital Platform Experts

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